RFID File Management System

RFID File Management Systems are designed to cut back employee time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace.

Working of RFID File Management System
  • Tagging: Tagging is that the process of mapping of registered file with unique tagid, corresponding Location and its department.
  • Inventory: Handheld reader reads and save the record of all the files coming in its range. It gives the list of misplaced and missing files.
  • Check-In/Check-Out: Files will be sign in and try by self sign on / checkout station.
  • Searching File: Any File may be search by handheld reader by putting its file number. because the file are available range of handheld reader it start beeping.
  • MIS Reporting: MIS Report may be generated from the online application anytime and anywhere within the scope of network.
  • Administrator Setting: Administrator setting may be applied on files like File cannot sign up.
  • Real Time Tracking:By this functionality file can tracked in real time by fixed readers installed at various places inside the campus.
  • Anti-Theft Gate: Anti-Theft gate will make sure no file are often taken out without check-In otherwise it'll start a Siren for theft alert.
RFID File Management System

Features Of RFID File Management System
Features Of RFID File Management System
Curious venture provice simple Rfid based file tracking solution for little companies if you have got less number of files our system are best fitted to you.
  • File Registration
  • Searching Specific File with its File Name or Number using Handheld Device
  • Inventory Management using Handheld Device
  • File Check in/ Checkout using Web Application
  • MIS Report using Web Application
  • Anti Theft System via Service

Advantages Of RFID File Management System
  • RFID readers may be placed in certain locations throughout a facility to stay track of what item(s), versed the locations; which direction the things are going in; and therefore the date and time the things were transported.
  • One of the foremost convenient locations for an RFID reader is during a door frame because it eliminates the necessity for the file desk clerk to scan each individual record or manually try records.
  • This also allows any folders stacked together to be read all without delay. the identical process applies to reading folders and so boxing them for file relocations.
Advantages Of RFID File Management System

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