RFID Jewellery Management System

Secure your jewelry dealer containing Precious Gold,Diamond & Platinum with RFID Jewellery Management System from the simplest RFID Solution Providers in India- Netaid. No more Unsecured Feeling of losing your Valuable Assets, you'll always keep an eye fixed on each & every single item while they're much smaller in size

Stock Analysis with RFID Jewellery Management System
  • Now days Jewellery become one among the foremost valuable assets that individuals possess additionally it's one amongst the expensive asset in market. a jewelry company faces labor of maintaining, and accounting thousands of jewelry items in an exceedingly single store at multiple locations.
  • To manage and maintain these many of jewelry becomes hard task for these companies. Most of the jewelers track inventory on daily or weekly basis. this can be often a totally manual process, which needs handling of every Jewellery item separately, and is therefore, very time consuming and liable to errors.
  • This kind of inventory management process may result in misplacement, loss or maybe theft. in a very premium business such reasonably error loss will be significantly expensive. Huge amounts may be lost thanks to inefficient and slow inventory tracking. to beat these problem we've invented Jewellery management Solution with RFID stock analysis.
  • With RFID technology, each bit of jewellery are often tagged and mapped so on ensure safety in any respect times. RFID provides facility of easy to spot and place jewelry at its designated. Audit will be dole out as often as desired.
Stock Analysis of RFID based Jewellery Management System

Working of RFID based Jewellery Management System
Working of RFID Jewellery Management System
  • The use of RFID stared in jewellery management process to cut back manual work with high security. The concept of RFID is an extension to electronic barcode, which may be accustomed uniquely identify or track the tags attached with jewellery items.
  • The tag consists of an antenna and a little chip which stores bit of knowledge to spot each item.
  • Each piece of jewelry like bangles, earrings, necklace etc, and Other assets within the company are fixed with a RFID tag before being placed for display.
  • Tags are embedded with the important data associated with the jewellery like Unique identification no, type, weight, date of manufacture, price, quality etc. Readers are installed at the entry and exit point of the shop.

Benefits of RFID jewellery Management System over Traditional Process
  • Traditional process was time consuming similarly as require huge amount man power where as RFID based jewellery management system is simple, fast, accurate and stock control. Perform daily inventories of all stores rather than once per month and need less man power.
  • Tuff to manage information associated with the Jewellery items where as RFID based jewellery management system is straightforward to trace & monitor all the valuable items and store all data within database.
  • So many jeweler founded their jewellery for display daily so stored in safes within the evenings, but this could be opportunity for Threat of theft or loss of product
  • This means they need Weak security Where as Illegal movement of things outside the shop raises an alarm at appropriate places.
Benefits of RFID in jewellery Management system over Traditional Process

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